Maps-City, State, Country


Objective: Children will learn what maps are, what they city/state/country is, and how maps are used.


  • Find maps of your city, state, country and the world from books, magazines or old calendars.

  • crayons or colored pencils

  • Print out map book from the attached link map book for the blog. Find a map of the city where the children live and paste it on page 4. Highlight the street where each child lives for each child’s book.

  • Suggested book:
      • Me On The Map by Joan Sweeney

Read the book then discuss while showing pictures.

Maps represent a variety of locations. Maps can be of small areas like a room or show larger areas like the world. Maps are a bird’s eye view of objects and show basic items. They use symbols to represent different things. Maps use the directions north, south, east and west. It’s important when making a map or reading a map to know which direction is north.
Discussion questions:

  • What is your city?
  • What is your state?
  • What is your country?
  • What are some other cities, states, countries you’ve visited or heard of?

Activity: Make your own map book.

Cover: Have children write their name on the line. As you do each page, first read the page. Do the activities listed below for each page then read the page again, encouraging the children to read along and touch the words as the read them.

Page 2: Point out your country and have the children color it.

Page 3: Help the children find their state and have them color it.

Page 4: Have the children draw their state and mark where their city is on it.

Page 5: Tell the children the name of their city and show them that you highlighted the street they live on.

Page 6:Tell each child his address and write it in the blank. Have the children draw their house with them in it. Write the house number on the house.


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