“Uh”—The Schwa Sound

Uh”—The Schwa Sound

“Uh” is the most common sound in the English language. Every vowel can make the “uh” sound. When teaching children to read, it is good to group words with the uh sound, such as: love, some, come, dove, and does together.  

Here is a list of the most frequent words in the English language listed by vowel sound. 


Reading phonetically is only possible if the consonant sounds are taught and used crisply without adding an “uh” at the end. You must keep your mouth mostly closed to say the sounds without an “UH”.   

You may want to check out some sample phonics songs on our website.  The songs are short and the consanants are song without an “UH” on the end.


Most multi-syllable words have at least one vowel that makes the “UH”.   


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