Lesson Plan Ideas for the “OY” sound.


*    Type OY words.  One word on each 1/4  of a piece of paper.   Print them with enough room to draw pictures.  Cut into 4 pieces of paper.  Some words for to use: boy, point, coin, trapezoid, oil, coil, poison, toy, cowboy, coin, joint.

*   Decide on a work sheet.  Free on website www.phonicsbyspelling.com .

Play Phonics By Spelling songs including the one with the OY sounds.  Show how your mouth starts small and then opens up to make this sound.  Find a spring door stop and let each child flip the spring hear it make the OY sound.  If OY  sound is made by “oy” and “oi”.  It is spelled with OY if it ends a syllable, and with OI if a consonant comes after it in the syllable.  If they are together in a syllable it always has the OY sound.

Do a worksheet comparing the OY sound to the OW sound.

Read the words with the OY sound.  Give children one of the words to draw a picture for the word.  Display pictures with a OY wall card or page from the Phonics By Spelling book.


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