Mini-lesson Plan for the ER Sound.

         Lesson for the ER Sound

Objective:  Recognize the ER sound in words.


  • Collect pictures with the ER sound in the word.  (girl, bird, her, dirt, fur, curl, stir, first, summer, letter, sister, dinner, purse, etc)
  • Also write some words with this sound.
  • Write some riddles with words having the ER sound.
  • Have white paper, white crayons and watercolors for making a Surprise Picture

Lesson Show pictures of things that have the ER sound, and some other pictures.  “Which pictures have the “ER” sound?  Read together some rhyming words. (fur, her, sir, burr, purr)   Discuss words where “or” and “ar” at the end of a word have the ER sound.  (dollar, doctor, mirror)

Do some riddles with an ER word as the answer. (Example:  What animal flies and chirps?  Bird)

Activity:  The child is to write their name , write a word or draw a simple picture on white paper with a white crayon.  Then paint over the whole paper with watercolor paint to make a Surprise Picture.


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