Lesson Plan Ideas for the OR Sound.

Ideas for the OR sound.

Objective:    Help preschool,  kindergarten and 1st grade children recognize the OR sound in words and be able to say the sound. 


  •  Be prepared to play Phonics By Spelling songs.     https://phonicsbyspelling.com
  • Collect some pictures with the OR sound.  (corn, door, four)
  • Have white crayon, black paper, white paint, plate for paint, and fork for a Fork Painting.
  • Print some rhyming OR words:  (corn, torn, born, door, poor, floor)
  • Prepare, “Which is a Word?” game.


Play about 10 Phonics By Spelling sound songs including the “Paddling Oar” song.  Show how to make the sound by having your mouth small then bigger.  Compare to how the AR sound is made.  Make the sounds together.

Show pictures of things that have the OR sound, and some other pictures.  “Which pictures have the “Paddling Oar” sound?”  Read together some rhyming words. (corn, torn, born — door, poor, floor )

 Play “Which is a word?”  Say two words and decide which is real. (fork, lork— dorn, born– shore, thore– horse, dorse)


Help children write simple a word like corn, horn, or door then they draw a picture to go with it.  For fun this can be done with black paper and white crayons.

Have children write rhyming OR words  and/or their name with a white crayon on black paper.  Do a “Fork Painting”.  Use a fork to paint with white paint on the black paper.

We have great reproducible interactive worksheets and simple readers for 15 of the other than the main alphabet sounds.  Read about it on our website:   https://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1&sort=20a&page=2   It is call “The Other Sounds–A Reproducible Workbook”.  We have some free samples of this workbook under Free Activity Sheets.


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