Mini-Lesson for the EAR Sound

Ears Hear

Objective:  Help children recognize the EAR sound in words and review some high frequency words.


  • Make  word cards of ryhming EAR words and other R words.  (deer, cheer, here, fear, dear, hear,  gear, year, spear, car, fir, door, chair, red)
  • Make simple books by printing this PDF. Cut, fold then staple on the left side.  reader Ears Hear for blog
  • Prepare “Build a Man” (Like Hangman) game.  — Make word cards  of  EAR words and some simple high frequency words.  — Have a wipeboard or chalkboard.  — Have chalk or marker.  –Have several copies of the letters.  (You could copy the ABC song  and a list of high frequency words from our website.  )


  • Use word cards to sound out  together some EAR rhyming words.   Compare the EAR sound (short I and ER sound) with the other R-controlled sounds and the beginning Rr sound.  (AR, ER, OR, EAR, AIR, Rr)  *The Rr at the beginning of a syllable has a different sound to an R in any other position in a word.
  • You may want to include the songs and pictures from Phonics By Spelling.


  • Give children the EARS HEAR book and help them read and draw the pictures.
  • Play “Build a Man”. (Like Hangman)  Have a child pick a word from the prepared word cards.  Draw a square on the board.  Draw as many lines as the word has letters.   Have the children take turns picking a letter from the list of letters.  If the letter is in the word, write it on the line where it goes.  Then the person picking the right letter can guess the word.  If the letter isn’t in the word, then write it to the side and draw a body part.  Cross off the letter on the paper with the list of letters. If the man is drawn before the word is written out, then the child drawing wins.  Pick a new child to play.  If a child guesses the word, then he/she has a turn to draw.   Winning is reward enough.  Never give treats for winning.

A recipe for “PionEER Scones” will be on the blog tomorrow.

Check out our website for helpful products for teaching the phonics sounds.  We have lesson plans, reproducible workbooks with simple readers for children, simple songs for each sound and fun simple watercolor pictures.


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