Lesson Plan Ideas for “Heavy Books” sound. (oo)

OO Sound

Objective:  Help children recognize the Short OO sound in written and verbal words.


  • Collect a stack of heavy books.
  • Collect pictures of things with the short OO sound such as book, hook, wood.
  • Have paper and marker ready to make a list of short OO words.
  •  Phonics songs can be found at this website.  www.phonicsbyspelling.com .
  •  Locate the Fairy Tale, “Little Red Riding Hood”.


Listen to at least 10 songs in Phonics By Spelling books including short OO.

Lift some heavy books or pretend to lift some books, and make the short OO sound.  Compare with other Oo sounds.

Read this line from “Little Red Riding Hood”.

“Little Red Riding Hood took the basket of goodies to Grandmother.  Grandmother’s house is through the woods.”

Talk about the words with the short OO sound.  Make a list of words.  (hood, took, goodies, woods)  Show pictures of short OO words and write the words.  Have the children help you write other words with this sound.  (pull, put, pull, look, book, should, etc.)  Take about the spellings making this sound.   

Read  or tell the story, “Little Red Riding Hood”.   Write together a new ending for “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Have fun!


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