Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day Gift  (Plan 2 or 3 days to finish.)



  • an apron (These can be found in fabric or craft stores.) 
  • fabric paint of the following colors (you can use acrylic paint with fabric medium added to it): red, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown
  • pencil

  • permanent markers of all colors,
  • iron
  • piece of cardboard

Paint the Apron

Before you begin, wash your apron to remove the sizing and help the paint adhere a bit better (but do not use fabric softener). Iron the apron.  Also read the directions on the paints that you will be using and adjust any of the painting steps to follow directions that might be different for that particular brand of paint.

Place the apron on the table with poster board or cardboard underneath. 

Start painting. Have your child do each of the following steps:


  • Draw a reference line with pencil where you want the hyacinth.

  • Have the child fingerprint the flower petals on the hyacinth reloading paint as needed.


  • Brush a thumb with yellow paint with a paint brush.
  • Make 6 petals in a circle.  Reload the paint as needed.
  • Brush on orange paint on the thumb, then make a thumb print in the center of your daffodil.


  • Brush on the red paint on the whole hand with a paint brush, the make a hand print for the tulip.

  • Place hand print in the spot where you want the tulip.

Finish Each Flower

  • Have child paint a stem and leaves by making a V with a straight line up from the center.
  • Have them use a finger to make the dirt with brown paint.

Let the paint dry completely for 24 hours.
Heat set the paint by pressing on each section for 20-30 seconds with the iron set on high.

Have the children write “Happy Mother’s Day” or “I Love You”, above the flowers with the permanent markers.


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