Lesson for the Letter Sound for Mm

Letter Mm

Objective:  To help children recognize the Mm sound in words, the letter Mm and other letters .


  • Have Phonics By Spelling books and music.  We have lesson plans with more fun phonetic sound ideas at our website. http://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/
  • Have cookies for each child.
  • Collect some pictures with the Mm sound as the beginning sound and letter, and some other pictures for others to compare.
  • Copy the Nursery Rhyme “Three Little Kittens”.
  • Have their name cards.
  • Print and make Millie books for each child.  (Cut, fold and staple on the left.)  reader millie
  • Have capital and lower case letters or  magnet letters . 


Listen to at least 10 songs in Phonics By Spelling books including Mm.  Touch each letter, picture, and spelling.  Enjoy the chants.

Replay the “Mm Millie’s Yummy Cookie ” song.  Give each child a cookie.  (Or pretend to give each a cookie.)  Take small bites together.  Say “Mmmm” after each bite.  (Keep your mouth closed, and make sure there is no Uh at the end.)

Read the Nursery Rhyme “Three Little Kittens”.  

  • Three little kittens lost their mittens,
  •     and they began to cry,
  • “Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear
  •     Our mittens we have lost!
  • “What! Lost your mittens,
  •      you naughty kittens!
  • Then you shall have no pie.”
  •      “Meow, meow, meow!”
  • Three little kittens found their mittens,
  •     and they began to cry,
  • “Oh! mother dear, see here, see here,
  •     Our mittens we have found.”
  • “What! Found your mittens,
  •     you good little kittens,
  • Then you shall have some pie.”
  •     “Purr, purr, purr.”

Talk about words that have the Mm sound.  Review other sounds.  Do any of the words have the Ll sound?  Or Hh?   Etc.

Show pictures of things that have the Mm sound at the beginning, and some other pictures.  “Which pictures have the “Millie’s Yummy Cookie” sound?”  Use sticky notes to add some Mm words to the letter Mm wall card.  (me, my, mom, man)

Take the children’s name cards and see who has an Mm in their name.


Letter Matching:  With a small group, randomly give each child some letters (Capital and Lowercase).  Ask who has the Aa letters.  Put them together on the table.  Then ask for the Bb’s.  Continue until you have all the letters.  Then sing the alphabet song.  It is fun to sing the song differently by singing A, a, B, b, C, c, etc.  (You have to do the tune through twice.)  

 Millie book:  Give each child a book then read together each page and have them draw the picture that goes with each page.  Have them read the book to their family. 


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