Lesson Ideas for the Letter Sound for Pp

Lesson Letter Pp

Objective:  To help children recognize the Pp sound, and how to form the letter Pp.




  • You may want to have the Phonics By Spelling books and music.  https://phonicsbyspelling.com/
  • If you get a rainy day before or after you teach the letter Pp, take the children out to listen to the rain in the puddle.  Have them make the sound.
  • Collect some pictures with the Pp sound, and other pictures to compare.
  • Copy the P is for…  book.    reader P is for..
  • Copy the tongue twister “Peter Piper” .
  • Have their name cards.
  • Prepare instant pudding for the pudding finger painting letter review (Pudding on a Plate).


If you have the Phonics By Spelling books, listen to at least 10 songs including Pp.  Touch each letter, picture, and spelling.  Enjoy the chants.

Replay the “Pp Raindrops in a Puddle” song.  Talk about when you listened to the raindrops.  Talk about what a quiet sound it is.  Make the sound quietly together.  (No Uh at the end.)

Talk about how this is a tongue twister.  Tongue twisters are hard to say.  “I might make a mistake.”  Talk about a peck is a measurement for buying fruits or vegetables – especially at a fruit stand.   Read the tongue twister, “Peter Piper”.

  • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers;
  • Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers?
  • If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
  • Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Talk about words that have the “Pp” sound.  Children may want to try to say it.

Show pictures of things that have the Pp sound at the beginning, and some other pictures.  “Which pictures have the Pp sound?”  Add some Pp words to the wall card, on a Letter Pp card,  or word wall with sticky notes.  (pop, pup, put, pull)

Take the children’s name cards and see who has a Pp in their name.


Book, P is for…  Give each child a book.  Read each page and have them draw the pictures.  Have them read the book to their family. 

Pudding Painting   Show how to make a “p”.  Compare it with “h” and “b”.  Have them write the letter in the air with their finger as you write a big “p” on the wipe board.  Say “down below the line, up and over the hill, tuck it in the middle”.  Have them try to write a “p”.  Review the letters with pudding (Pudding on a Plate).  Help them make different letters in pudding on paper plates, including the letter “p”.  Have them only use one hand and spread the pudding on a paper plate, then write the letters with their finger.  (If they wash their hands before this activity, they can eat the pudding when they are done.)


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