Lesson idea for the WH sound.

Lesson plan tip for the WH sound.  WH

Objective: Introduce the WH sound, what a question is and how we use WH words in questions. 


  1. Make cards with some WH question words.
  2. Print out these questions to read with the children:
  • Why is snow white?
  • Where is the whistle?
  • What do whales eat?
  • Which wheel works?
  • Who ate the whole pie?


  • Read the WH questions:
  • Discuss the WH words in the questions. 
  • What makes a question different from other sentences? 
  • Point out that a few WH words have the Hh sound.  (who, whom, whose, whole)


  • In small groups, give each child a word card.
  • Have them tell a question with that word.  You can read the words to non reading children, but they can still make up a question. 
  • Write the questions on a poster and display them in the room. 

Check out our website http://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/    (Products for more lesson plan ideas for all 44 phonetic sounds and reproducible workbook for these sounds: sh, wh, ch, th, ng, aw, ow, oy, short oo, long oo, ar, er, or ear, air. ) 



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