Lesson Plan ideas for the AIR sound.

kite cover image

Air Sound / R-controlled sound

Objective:  Help children recognize the AIR sound in words.


  • Make a lists of rhyming AIR words for discussion (air, fair, hair, pair, chair, bear, pear, wear, care, dare, share, scare).
  • Have the music and pictures by Phonics By Spellinghttp://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/
  • Have paper for making paper airplanes.
  • Have markers, crayons or pencils for decorating paper airplanes.


  • Play some of the Phonics By Spelling sound songs including the r-controlled sound AIR.
  • Read together some AIR rhyming words.  Discuss the different spellings, and show how the spelling EAR can have two different sounds.

Activity:  Help children make paper airplane.

  • Help the children fold a paper airplane. 
  • Have them decorate it with their name and other words from the list of AIR rhyming words or just letters. 
  • Fly the airplanes outside.

We also have a great reproducible workbook for 15 of the other sounds. (r-controlled sounds, digraphs, diphthongs)  It includes worksheets and simple readers.  http://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/Reproducible-Workbook-The-Other-Sounds-12.htm


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