worksheet for SH 001

Worksheets have received a bad name in recent years.  Many people think of them as just busy work.  Worksheets have been over used in the past, but as an evaluation and hands on learning tool worksheets are very valuable.

Here are some questions to ask if a workbook or worksheet is worth using:

  • Can this worksheet evaluate a child’s knowledge of a concept?
  • Can this worksheet help a child practice a concept just taught?
  • Can this worksheet help a child learn a new concept?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then enjoy the use of worksheets.

Here are some tips for successful worksheet use:

  • The teacher needs to be a part of doing worksheets, so any mistakes can be fixed on the spot and all worksheets are finished correctly.
  • Be careful to never use too many worksheets in one lesson.
  • Many workbooks can be cut apart and put in sheet protectors into a binder, then the pages can be done with washable markers.

As a teacher, I find worksheets a valuable tool that children love doing. We have fun reproducible worksheets for some phonetic sounds to purchase on our website.

Check out our free worksheets in these blog entries titled: Review Consonant Letter Sounds, and Long Vowel Simple Sight Words .

Enjoy your time with the little ones in your life.

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