Teaching Colors

Teaching Colors

Objective:  Help children learn colors, and how to read some of the color words.  (This is best taught over a few days.)
  • Print out attached color book—one for each child. Cut each page in half then staple the ends together to make a book for each child.
              Color book pg1
              Color book pg2
              Color book pg3
              Color book pg4
              Color book pg5
  • Have crayons, for the children to use to draw.
  • Decide on a book to read.  Suggested books:  Do you know colors? by J.P. Miller and Katherine Howard,  Cat’s Colors by Jane Cabrera
Read the book(s) then discuss while showing pictures:
Discussion Questions:
  • What color is a frog; dog; rainbow…..etc.?
  • What is yellow; blue; green…..etc.?
Activity:  Illustrate the color book.
Have the children drawing something representing the color on each page. Ask the child what he drew and write it in for him. Do each page together as a class. Wait until they are all finished with the page you are doing before moving on to the next.  
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