Lesson Ideas for the Letter Sound for Bb

Letter Sound for BbB

Objective: To help children recognize the Bb sound, and how to form the letter Bb.


  • Have Phonics By Spelling books and music.   http://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/
  •  Locate a stethoscope (school supply or medical supply stores have them).  You might get a used one from your clinic for free.
  • Collect some pictures with the Bb sound as the beginning sound and letter.
  •  Decide on a worksheet, or a reading child could use the Student Activity Book.  http://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/
  • Copy the Nursery Rhyme “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep”.
  • Have their name cards.
  • Have finger paints ready to use for a review of the letters taught, and how to make the letters. 


Listen to at least 10 songs in Phonics By Spelling books including Bb.  Touch each letter, picture, and spelling.  Enjoy the chants.

Replay the “Bb Heartbeat” song.  Lettie is listening to her heartbeat.  Let each child hear their own heartbeat with a stethoscope.   Make the Bb sound together.  Keep the sound crisp (No Uh).

Read or sing the Nursery Rhyme, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” (Use the “ABC Song” tune.)

  • Baa, baa, Black Sheep,
  • Have you any wool?
  • Yes sir, Yes sir,
  • Three bags full;
  • One for my master,
  • One for the dame,
  • One for the little boy
  • Who lives down the lane.

Talk about words that have the “Heartbeat” sound in the beginning.  Do any of the words have the “Ll” sound?  Or “Hh”?  Or “Ff”?  If you have introduced the word “the”, have them count how many are in the Nursery Rhymes.

Show pictures of things that have the Bb sound at the beginning, and some other pictures.   “Which pictures have the “Heartbeat” sound?”   Write some Bb words on sticky notes, and put them on the wall card or word wall.  (by, bad, be, back)

Take the children’s name cards and see who has a Bb in their name.


Show them how to make a “b”.  Compare it with an “h”.  Have them try to write a “b”.  In small groups, do finger painting on paper on a tray.  Have them only put 1 hand in the paint and the other hold the tray still. They are to choose one color and you put it in the middle of their paper.  Have them spread it around.  Review the letters by making the letters in the finger paint.  Especially show the connection between making an “h” and making a “b”.


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