Lesson Ideas for the Ii Sounds

Letter Sound of Ii

Objective: Help children recognize the letter and the sounds of Ii in words.


  • Make sure you have new markers that when you write with them they make the “Inky Marker” sound.  (Watercolor markers work the best.)
  • Collect some pictures with the short and long sound of Ii.
  • Have paper and markers for each child to draw a butterfly from an “i”.
  • Be prepared to sing the Vowel songs from Phonics By Spelling’s Book 1 and Book 2.   https://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/


Listen to some songs in Phonics By Spelling books including the long and short sound of Ii.  Listen to the Vowel Songs  and the Long Vowel Ii songs from Book 2.  Compare the short and long sound.

Have them listen for the “Inky Marker” sound as you draw a picture of a butterfly starting with the lower case “i”, with either a dry erase marker or regular marker.

Show pictures of things that have the short and long sound of Ii.  “Does this picture have the short sound or the long sound?”   Sort the pictures into those with the short sound (Inky Marker) and those with the long sound.  Discuss how “y” can also have the “Inky Marker” sound when it is followed by a consonant in a syllable. (gym, hymn, symbol)


Show how to make a Lowercase “i”.  (Draw a line down and a dot in the sky, but no lollipop I’s.)  Have them try to make a Lowercase “i” on their worksheet.  Give them paper, and let them choose a marker to draw a butterfly.  First draw a lower case “i”, then draw a wing on one side, then a wing to match on the other side. Ask them:  “Do you hear the “Ii Inky Marker” sound?”  Have them say the sound.

Display the Inky Marker pictures.

See more phonics materials at our website:  http://phonicsbyspelling.com


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