TH Phonics Sounds

TH Sounds

Objective: Help children recognize the two sounds of TH in words and compare it to the Tt sound.


  • Have masking tape and a wipe board or chalkboard with an eraser.
  • Collect some pictures with the TH sound and the Tt sound at the beginning.
  • Write “th” on a card and write “t” on another card.
  • Decide on an activity and make preparations for it.  We have great worksheets and simple books in our Reproducible Workbook.   Also, our music and pictures for each sound help learn the sounds and their spellings.


  • Listen to at least the songs for the Tt sound and the 2 TH sounds in the Phonics By Spelling Books.  (If you have them.)   Take the masking tape and pull some off to show how it makes the louder TH sound.  Have the children make that sound.  Say some words with that sound such as; Thumb,  Thank, Thursday.  Use an eraser to erase the board and listen to the quiet sound of TH.  Say some words with that sound such as; The, This, There.  Most of the words with this sound are hard to find pictures for them.  There are not a lot of words with this sound but we use those few words often.   Review the Tt sound, or the sound of a Ticking Clock.  Say some words with that sound such as; Ten, Toes, Tent.
  • Put a card with TH on it and a card with T on the table.  Take the pictures you have collected and show them one at a time.  Ask the children to pick which sound the picture starts with.  Then put the picture on the TH or T.
  • See if any of the children have the TH sound in their name.


  • Take a plain paper and have the children trace their hand on it.  Have them color only the thumb.  Have them write a “th” or the word “thumb” on the hand.  Have them write high frequency words on the paper like; the, this, they.
  • Do a Thank You book of things they are thankful for.
  • Make Thumb Pies.  Make a pie crust or sugar cookie dough.  Roll it into small rolls. Place it on the cookie sheet.  Push the middle down with your thumb.  Bake then fill with jelly.  Yum!
  • If you have the worksheet for TH from Phonics By Spelling, make copies for each child and do the worksheet together.

Check out our website for our phonics products.


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