Lesson Plan Ideas for the Gg sound.

Letter Sound for Gg

Objective: To help children recognize the hard Gg sound in words, and how to form the letter Gg.


  • Have Phonics By Spelling books with pictures and music.  https://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/
  • Prepare grape juice or plan to pretend to gulp grape juice.
  • Collect some pictures with the hard Gg sound as the beginning sound and letter.
  • Copy a word family worksheet for each child.  word family bug words
  • Copy the Nursery Rhyme “Good Night , Sleep Tight” .
  • Have their name cards.
  • Have magnet letters, or letter cards with lowercase letters.
  • It is good to do the “J” sound soon and show how “G” can have the “J” sound when it is followed by an “e”, “i” or “y”.


Listen to at least 10 songs in Phonics By Spelling books including Gg.

Replay the “Gg, Gulping Grape Juice” song.   When we gulp our juice or water we make the Gg sound.  Drink grape juice or pretend to gulp grape juice.  Keep the sound crisp (No Uh).

Read the Nursery Rhyme, “Good Night, Sleep Tight”.

  • Good night, sleep tight.
  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
  • Wake up bright
  • In the morning light
  • To do what’s right
  • With all your might.

Talk about “good” having the Gg sound at the beginning and “bug” having it at the end.  Do any of the words have the “Ll” sound?  Or “Mm”?  Or “Rr”?

Show pictures of things that have the hard Gg sound at the beginning, and some other pictures.   “Which pictures have the “Gulping Grape Juice” sound?”   Write some Gg words on sticky notes, and put them on the wall card or word wall.  (go, got, girl)

Introduce some 3 letter words with g at the end like “bug,” “pig,” etc.

Take the children’s name cards and see who has a Gg in their name.  Talk about their “G” if it has the “J” sound, is silent or is with an “H” to make the “F” sound.

Show the children the different fonts for “G”.  Have the children write in the air the lowercase “g”, by starting like a c then going back to the top and coming down and finishing the letter with a hook.  Have them write several “g”‘s.


  •  Use letter cards or magnet letters to make word family words with a “g” at the end.   Put “ig” or “ug” together.  Let the children pick from some of the consonants and put it in front and see if it makes a word.  (pig, wig, gig, fig, bug, rug, tug, jug, etc.)
  • Give each child a word family worksheet and read together each word, then have the children draw a picture for each word.

More lesson plans on our website. http://phonicsbyspelling.com


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