Teach Sharing (A How To)


Children love to share if they are invited to share and not forced to share.  Also, never reward a child that takes a toy by making the child that had the toy share.

When a child takes a toy away from another child, the toy should be given back to the child that had the toy.  Even if the child is a toddler, they shouldn’t take the toy away from anyone else.  After the toy is given back then the child is coached to ask for a turn with the toy.  The child with the toy is invited to share the toy when they are finished.  You can say something like; “Sam would like a turn when you are finished.”  In 1 or 2 minutes if they haven’t given the other person a turn.  Then remind them that the other child would like a turn.  The younger a child learns to share the better.

Here are tips for helping children share:

  • Encourage the use of polite words like “please” and “thank you”.
  • Never force a child to share. 
  • Never let a child keep a toy they have taken from another child. 
  • Always make them give it back.  Even if the child is older.  
  • Teach children to use words to ask for something.

Teaching children to share this way will help them learn patience, how to ask for what they want, and learn to love sharing.

Enjoy the little ones in your life.

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