Lesson Tips for the “AR” Sound.

      “AR” Sound      AR

Objective:  To help children recognize the sound of “AR” in words.


  • Prepare to Sing some of the songs from the Phonics By Spelling books with CD music or the DVD.  Select the AR sound as one of the songs you will sing.   These have all the sounds not just the alphabet.  http://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/
  • Print a list of words with the AR sound. (jar, star, far, bar, tar, barn, yarn, arm, farm)
  • Have paper, paint, and toy cars ready for Car Art.
  • Write words or collect pictures for a rhyming game.  (examples: car, star, bear– barn, dark, yarn– arm, shark, farm– art, sharp, harp)
  • Have a paper or worksheet for writing simple “AR” words.  (Our website has simple reproducible worksheets for the r-controlled sounds, the other vowel sounds and the digraph sounds.)  http://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/Reproducible-Workbook-The-Other-S
    ar worksheet 001

    AR words worksheet

    ounds-12.htm   This is a sample of what we have for each of the other sounds.   reader barb      worksheet barn dot to dot      


  • Sing some of the songs from the Phonics By Spelling books with CD music or the DVD. 
  • Discuss how the “AR” sound says “R”.
  • Read together some AR words from the list prepared.  
  • Say three words or show three pictures and have the children tell which two words rhyme.


Car Art:

  • Write or have the children write, “Car Art” on heavy paper with permanent markers.
  • Put one color paint and a car on one plate and put another color and a car on another plate.
  • Drive the car in the paint, then draw on the “Car Art” paper with  each car.

Write “AR” words: (We have a worksheet in the preparations for this activity.)

  • Have the children write some simple AR words.  (car, star, arm)
  • Draw pictures to go with each word.

Barn Worksheet:

  • Do the barn dot to dot and draw more farm animals on the worksheet from the preparations.

Barb reader:

  • Read and finish the Barb reader from the preparations.

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