Colors-Primary and Secondary

Colors-Primary and Secondary

Objective: Teach children the difference between primary and secondary colors and how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors.  (May want to teach over two days.)

  • Print out template for color wheel.  Link to downloadable pdf: color wheel
  • Tear up scraps of construction paper into small pieces: red; yellow; blue; orange; green; purple
  • Gather the following materials:
    • coffee filters
    • Small jars or clear cups with water and food coloring mixed.  Have one for each of the primary colors (red, blue, yellow).
    • Eyedroppers—one for each color.
    • Glue sticks
  •  Select a book. Suggested books:A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh  White Rabbit’s Color Book by Allen Baker
Read a book then discuss colors while showing pictures:
Demonstrate how colors mix by making spots of red and yellow close together on the coffee filter.  The colors will spread and blend to make orange.  Do the same with the other primary colors. (red, yellow, blue) Discuss the Spanish words for each color.
Discussion Questions
  • What are primary colors?  (Red, Yellow and Blue)
  • What happens when you mix primary colors?  (Secondary colors are made. Orange, Purple, Green)
  • What about black and white?
Activity: Create color wheel mosaic.
Have children glue the bits of paper to fill in the corresponding color on the color wheel.
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