Math Lesson Ideas for the Number 5

Number 5 (five)

Objective: Help children recognize the number 5 and the word “five”, use numbers for counting, count 5 objects, learn to write “5” and “five”.


  • Find an art print or picture from a calendar or magazine with good examples of “five”.
  • For counting, take metal hangers and cut them off with wire cutters to use only the straight part.  Thread 10 wooden beads on the hangers, then bend the ends so they won’t come off.  (If you can find the beads used for seat covers at a second-hand store, those are just the right size and cheap.)
  • Have some stickers.
  • Write the number “5” and the word “five” on a word card.  Use the “1 one”, the “2 two”, the “3 three” and the “4 four” word cards from previous lessons.
  • Decide on a simple book, poem or song that has good examples of five.  Possibly use, “Five Little Monkeys jumping on the Bed” or “Five Little Ducks”.  (This website has the words to “Five Little Ducks”. )
  • Print and make the Bed book.  There will be 6 pages in the book.  The book starts with 5 then ends with them on the bed.    Have smiley face stickers for the book  book 5 on the bed
  • Have paper and pencil for each child.  (It is fun to use a colored paper or colored pencils.)


  • Display the word card with “5 five”.  Discuss the difference between the number “5” and the word “five”.  Compare to the “1 one”, “2 two”,  “3 three”, and “4 four” cards.
  • Read a book or sing a song like “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”.
  • Show the picture and have each child pick out 5 things in the picture.
  • Show how to make the number 5.  Have them make them in the air with their finger.  Have them close their eyes and write the number 5 in the air.


  • Give each child a “5 on the Bed” book.  Read together each page and have the children put that many smiley face stickers on each page.  On the last page they draw themselves.
  • Give each child a paper and pencil.  Have or help them write their name.  Show the word card again for “5 five”.  Have them write a number “5” several times, and the word “five”.  (If a child has a hard time writing their letters, write the word with a yellow pencil and have them trace it.)  Put out stickers and have them select 5 for their paper.  (They could also draw five things.)
  • Use the beads to practice counting by moving one bead at a time.

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