Little Miss Muffet


Little Miss Muffet

Objective:  Help children learn about spiders and counting through the nursery rhyme, “Little Miss Muffet”.


  • Find pictures of spiders.  (The internet is a great source.)
  • Find drawings or picture book of Little Miss Muffet.
  • Do the following for each sack puppet :
    • Cut a sheet of black construction paper 5 ¼” wide.
    • Cut off 3 ½” so you have 2 rectangles one 5 ¼” x 3 ½” (spider’s face) the other one will be 5 ¼ x 5 ½ (spider’s belly).
    • Using the remaining part of your sheet of black construction paper to cut 8 strips ½” wide for the legs.
    • Have pre-cut foam shapes, googly eyes, or other shapes of construction paper.
    • White school glue. 
    • Crayons for finishing the spider.
    • White crayons. 
    • Print and cut out the rhyme “Little Miss Muffet” from this link: little miss muffet

Read the rhyme then discuss;

  • Little Miss Muffet,
  • Sat on a tuffet,
  • Eating her curds and whey.
  • Along came a spider
  • And (or Who) sat down beside her
  • And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Define these words:

  • The word tuffet was once a common word for a short stool, such as a footstool.
  • Curds and whey are what we call cottage cheese.
  • Frightened means scared.
  • Discuss the concepts of BESIDE, AWAY, and ON.
  • Discuss spiders and insects. Explain that spiders have 8 legs and insects only have 6 legs.
  • Spiders are called Arachnids.

Discussion Questions:

  • Who sat on a tuffet?
  • Who ate curds and whey?
  • Who frightened Miss Muffet?
  • Where did the spider go?
  • What frightens you?

Activity: Make Spider Sack Puppets

Have the children follow these steps::

  • Glue the face onto the flap of the paper sack.
  • Accordion fold the strips (legs) then unfold. (You can do legs straight.)
  • Glue or staple 4 strips to each side of the front of the bag.
  • Glue the belly on to the side of the sack below the flap on top of the ends of the legs. Take care not to glue the flap down.
  • Glue on eight eyes and designs.
  • Decorate the spider with crayons.  
  • Write the word “spider” with white crayon on the spider’s belly.
  • Glue the rhyme “Little Miss Muffet” to the back of the puppet.

Great lesson plans on our website;


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