Opposites, and Following Directions

 Opposites, and Following Directions

Objective: Children will learn to follow directions using opposite, position, and attribute words.


  • Have stickers—each child will need a variety of stickers, but all children will need the same ones.
  • On sheets of paper, have the words “Opposites/Following Directions”
  • Find music for the song, The Hokey Pokey.
  • Various objects to set up an obstacle course such as: Chairs, Desks , Hula hoops , Pillows,Whatever you can find.
  • Suggested books:
  • The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

  • Here A Chick, There A Chick by Bruce McMillan

  • Baby Food by Tansy Dunn


    Set up an obstacle course that will require children to learn attributes, positions and opposites. Here is an example:

    • walk backward and forward  between chairs
    • go up stairs to the top and down stairs to the bottom
    • crawl under table
    • step over stools
    • crawl through a tunnel
    • go in and out of a small tent
    • hop from two legs to one leg alternating left and right


    • Read a book(s) then discuss opposites.
    • Ask the children to name some opposites.
        • What is the opposite of up?
        • What is the opposite of out?
        • What is the opposite of big?
        • Etc.
    • Discuss positions words like, middle, top, side, bottom.


    1. Following directions paper:

    Give the children the “Following Directions” papers and have them place specific stickers on specific places on the paper (back, front, left, right, middle, bottom), for example:

    • Place the orange star sticker at the top of your paper.
    • Place the pink heart sticker on the left side of your paper.
    • Etc.

    2. Obstacle Course:

    Have children take turns in the Obstacle Course by using position words.

    3. Sing and act out, “The Hokey Pokey”.

    More fun things available on our website. http://www.phonicsbyspelling.com/ 


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