Food Group: Fruit

Food Groups


Objective:  Introduce the fruit food group and the importance of the vitamins, minerals and fiber attained from fruit.

Preparation:     IMG_2503

  • Magazines with a lot of pictures of food.
  • A bulletin board can be made with poster paper with a large circle drawn on it and divided into 4 sections to look like a plate. And a smaller circle in the upper right hand corner to represent a glass of milk. Label each section Fruit, Vegetable, Protein, Grain and Dairy. See example of what it should look like at  Hang the poster somewhere in the classroom like a bulletin board.
  • Glue.
  • Fruits in various form. (canned, fresh, dried, etc.)
  • Print and make Fruit book.  book fruit  Have crayons ready to finish books.
  • Suggested books:

    • Gregory, The Terrible Eater by Mitchel Sharmat

      Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z  by Lois Ehlert

    • The Very Hungry Caterpiller by Eric Carle


 Read a book then discuss Fruit.

  • The fruit group is made up of all fruits.
  • Fruits are the edible part of the plant that contain the seeds and the juicy part around the seed.  
  • Fruit are usually juicy, colorful and sweet.
  • Like vegetables, fruit have been found to help prevent many serious illnesses as well as vision loss.
  • Different fruits are high in fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals such as: potassium, fiber, vitamin C, folic acid
  • Fruits are low in calories so they make a sweet, filling treat.

Discussion questions:

  • What are some fruits?
  • What is your favorite fruit?


  • My Plate Collage (This activity can be as a part of a lesson from each food group over several days)  You can use the coloring sheet from the government website or make a large plate and cup for a bulletin board. Have children find and cut out pictures of fruit from the magazines.  Have them apply glue to the back and stick it onto the fruit section of the poster.
  • A simple book can be made with the children. The pdf is included in the preparations.     book fruit       fruit book page2 3 001
  • Another fun activity is to make Fruit Salad with the children.  (We will have a fruit salad recipe on our blog tomorrow.)  


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