The Senses: Sight


The Sense of Sight     

Objective: Children will learn about the sense of sight with discovery.  (Each day this week we will post a different sense.)


  • Mirror
  • Pictures or books of optical illusions.   This is a good book of optical illusions.  
  • The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions by Al Seckel
  • Hello, Red Fox by Eric Carle
  • Make books with pages of things they can see.   You can use this book or make your own.   book I see.. Sense book
  • Suggested books:
  • Any of the “I spy” books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle
  • I See a Song by Eric Carle
  • The Eye Book by Theo. LeSieg
  • I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! by Dr. Seuss

Lesson:  Read a book then discuss the sense of sight.

  • Our eyes are the part of our body that we use to see.  The eyes and brain work together to help you see.  Eyes function like cameras that send a picture to your brain through the optical nerve.  The brain uses that picture to figure out what you are looking at.
  • There is a muscle in our eyes called an iris that changes the black part of the eye called the pupil.  When it’s dark, the pupil opens up to let more light in.  When it’s bright, the pupil shrinks, or gets smaller.  You can demonstrate by giving the child a mirror and having them watch what happens when you turn on and off the light.
  • We should protect our sense of sight by eating healthy foods and using sunglasses in bright sunlight.  It’s also wise to minimize screen time (watching TV, playing video games, etc.).   


  • Play a game of “I Spy”.  This game can be played indoors or outdoors. Say something like, “I spy something that is red.” Let your child try to guess what you see.
  • Show children some optical illusions. Optical illusions are achieved by messing up the signal between the eyes and the brain. An optical illusion is the difference between what you expect to see and what is actually there.
  • Make an “I See” book with the children drawing pictures of things they see.
  • Let the children experience what it would be like to be blind. Place a blindfold on their eyes. Have them try to walk around without being able to see. You could also have the kids feel something and try to guess it.

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