The Senses: Touch

touch hand

The Sense of Touch

Objective:  Children learn about the sense of Touch through discovery.


  • Prepare a  Touch Box by taking a shoe box, cut a hole in the end, then attach the ribbed end of a sock. Put in different objects one at a time for children to feel and guess the object.

    Touch Box

    Touch Box

  • Have items for the Touch Hand activity.  These are possible items for the activity: school glue, cotton balls, Popsicle sticks, craft foam any small shape, and sandpaper, and textured wallpaper cut into 1 x 3/4 inch rectangles/
  • Copy the Touch hand on card stock.  touch hand

Suggested books:

  • Touching by Sharon Gordon
  • Magic School Bus Explores Senses by Joanna Cole
  • Me and My Senses by Joan Sweeney

Lesson:  Read part or all of a book, then discuss the sense of touch.

  • Touch originates in the skin.
  • The skin is filled with many tiny nerve endings which give information about the things your body touches. The nerves carry the information to the spine, then to the brain.
  • The most common receptors are heat, cold, pain, and pressure.  Pain receptors warn you that your body is hurt!


  • Use the Touch Box to offer the children items with a variety of textures and temperatures. Ask them to describe what they feel. (You can use a large paper bag with several items in it.  Then put the Touch Box in the bag, then put in 1 item, then let a child put their hand in the box and touch and guess.)
  • Give each child a Touch hand paper.  Read each word by the fingers, then find the object with that texture and glue it to that finger .

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