Teaching Time and Clock Parts

           Teaching Time and Clock Parts

Objective: Help children learn the words relating to time and clock parts.


  • Make word cards for the words “time”, “hands”, “face”, “numbers” and “clock”.
  • Have a teaching clock with movable hands.
  • Prepare to read the book, Me Counting Time by Joan Sweeney.
  • Have a worksheet with analog clock parts to do as a direction following activity.  Clock parts worksheet


Read the book, Me Counting Time.  Discuss and compare to the children.

Put up the word cards.  Talk about some of the sounds in the word.  (T, K, short o, etc.)  Use the word cards to label a clock in the room.

Show the teaching clock.  Talk about the parts of the clock.  (face, hands, numbers)

Learning Activity:

Give each child an analog clock worksheet and crayons.  Read each part of the instructions and do the worksheet together.    Clock parts worksheet

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