animals book copyFish

Objective: Children will learn the characteristics of fish and how fish are different from other animals.


    • Find drawings or pictures of fish and other types of animals from books, magazines or old calendars.
    • Gather the following materials:
      • unsharpened pencils
      • string
      • metal brads
      • magnets
    • Cut out or die cut fish shapes from card stock then write a characteristic (listed below) of fish on each fish cut out.
    • Attach a brad for the eye of each fish.
    • Tie one end of the string to an unsharpened pencil, and the other end to a magnet to make a fishing pole.
    • Print out the fish mini book from link.  fish0001
    • Cut blue construction paper in half for the cover.
    • Cut each page in half collate with the front and back cover and staple the sides together.
      • Suggested books:
          • Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On by Lois Ehlert
          • Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni


  • Fish live in water.
  • Fish have a backbone. They are vertebrates.
  • Fish breathe using gills. They absorb oxygen through the gills.
  • Almost all fish are cold-blooded. 
  • Fish have scales
  • Fish have fins including tail fins.
  • Fish lay many eggs.


Play a fishing game with the children:

  • Place the fish in an imaginary pool such as a rug, tray, construction paper, or fabric.
  • Give each child a chance to “catch” a fish with the fishing pole magnet as each child pulls out a fish, read its characteristic and discuss it with the children.

Make a fish mini book:

  • Read the Fish Eyes book.  
  • Have the children write, “Fish Book” and their name on the front cover.
  • Have children create fish on each page with the characteristic described.
  • A good way to teach children to draw fish is to have them draw an “x” then make a “c” on one side connected to the “x” making the head and a “l” on the other side to make the tail. Have them draw a dot for the eye and a smiling mouth. They can add a fin on top and on the sides if they would like.

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