Teaching Time – Clocks and O’clock

Teaching Time – Clocks and O’clock

Objective:  Teach children to understand O’clock times.


·      Make word cards for the words “Time”, “O’clock”, and “Clock”.

·      Have a teaching clock with movable hands.

·      Prepare to read the book, The Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle.

·      Have cards with o’clock times on analog clocks and cards with o’clock times as they look on digital clocks.  Be prepared to play a matching game with cards.  (These can be made or bought commercially.)

·      Have a worksheet with o’clock times on analog clocks to do as a direction following activity.  Clocks worksheet


  •  Put up the word cards “Time”, “O’clock”, and “Clock” to label the clock in the room.  Talk about some of the sounds in the word.  (T, K, O, etc.)  Show clocks in the room and the teaching clock.  Show that when the hour hand or big hand is on the 12 and the other hand is on a number it is an o’clock time. 
  • Give out cards with a digital o’clock time to each child.  Then show an analog o’clock time and see which child has the match.  (The cards can also be used as a memory game.)
  • Read The Grouchy LadybugShow the time on the teaching clock as you read the book.  It is fun to let the children say what the Grouch Ladybug says.   


Give each child a clock worksheet and a set of crayons.  Have the children follow directions to color each o’clock time.  Then have them circle the time for each clock.  Have them color the bottom clocks to match the color of the clocks at the top of the worksheet,

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