The USA–Our Country


Objective:  Learn the name of our country (USA), what our country looks like, how a map of our country looks and which state is our state.



  • Read a book or use pictures to talk about our country.
  • Show the children big maps of the USA and point out the states and the oceans and boundaries.
  • Show which state is their state and talk about it and other states they have heard of.
  • Show the United States on a globe and where the children are relative to the whole world.
  • Describe where places are located on a map using relative distance and direction, such as near-far, above-below and cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west).


  • Pass out printed map worksheets and crayons to children.
  • Show the children the words “United States of America”. Tell them this is the name of our country but it is a very long name so we can shorten it by calling it USA. Show them how to write USA on their map.
  • Show them the state they live in and tell them the name of the state. Write in the name of the state on the map. Have them color it.
  • Ask them if they have been to any other states (grandma’s house in Arizona, Disneyland in California, etc.) and have the child color them.


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