Time – Years, Months, Days of the Week

Time – Years, Months, Days of the Week
(This is a good lesson for just after the New Year.)
Objective:  Help children understand how Time Words relate to them.  (This can be taught over 2 different lessons.)
  •  Make a word cards for the words “time”, “year”, “months of the year”, calendar”, and “days of the week”.
  •  Have the months of the year on a poster or cards by the calendar.  (Picture of my school calendar included.)
  •  Prepare to sing “The Months of the Year”.  (Sing to the tune of “Ten Little Indians” or some other tune you like.)
  •  Prepare to sing “Today is Monday”.  (Can use Eric Carle’s book or make a pocket chart.)
  • Make up a “Days of the Week” book for each child.  Downloadable PDF link:   book days of the week.
  • A “Months of the Year” book could also be made. 
  • Discuss Year.  Then put the word Year on the Calendar.  Write the Year next to the word.   (Year  2016)
  • Put up the word card, “months of the year”.  Sing “The Months of the Year to the tune of Ten Little Indians:    (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.  These are the months of the year.)
  • Find each child’s month of their birthday.  Sing the song again with each child standing when their month is sung.  Sing slowly. Talk about the current month.
  • Put word card for the Days of the Week on the calendar.  Sing or read “Today is Monday”.
  • Talk about the days of the week and which day is today.
Activity: Have each child make a “Days of the Week Book”. 
Have each child draw something they do on each day of the week.  Sunday-church or family dinner, Tuesday-school, Saturday-daddy plays with me, etc.  School might be more than one day, so pick out something special that happens on a particular day.  Like Thursday is Popcorn Day.

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