President Lincoln


Objective:  Students will learn about President Lincoln and what he did for their country.

Materials Needed:

  • Green tissue paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Blue construction paper
  • Cardboard with one layer removed exposing the corrugated layer (or purchase corrugated paper from a scrapbook supply store)
  • Cotton balls
  • Find drawings or pictures of Abraham Lincoln from books, magazines, internet or old calendars.


Remove the outer panel of corrugated cardboard or purchase the corrugated sheets.

Cut the following shapes from the cardboardDIAGRAM:

  • 2 ½” square (A) [cabin wall]
  • 2 ½” equilateral triangle ( C) [cabin gable]
  • 2 ½” x 4” rectangle (B) [cabin wall]
  • 2 ½” x 4” parallelogram (D)[cabin roof]
  • Cut from brown construction paper
  • 1 ½” square [chimney]
  • 1 ½” x 5” rectangle [tree trunk]
  • 1 ½” x 12” [ground] write “Abraham Lincoln’s Cabin” across
  • Cut many 1” squares from green tissue paper or crêpe paper
  • Cotton balls for clouds.

Suggested books:

  • A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David A. Adler, John Walner, and Alexandra Wallner
  • Abe Lincoln: The Young Years by Keith Brandt
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Hat by Martha Brenner
  • Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers by Karen B. Winnick


Read a selected book then discuss President Lincoln.  

  • Lincoln was 6 feet 4 inches tall.
  • As a young man, Lincoln taught himself to be a lawyer.
  • The Civil War began six weeks after Lincoln took office.
  • When Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in early 1863, it freed slaves from the Confederate states. By the end of the Civil War, over six hundred thousand Americans died.
  • He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth just 5 days after General Robert E. Lee surrendered the South to the Union.
  • His profile can be found on the U.S. penny as well as the 5 dollar bill.
  • Lincoln hid his mail, bankbook and important papers in his stovepipe hat.

Activity: Cardboard Cabin

  • Give each child a piece of blue construction paper
  • Have them proceed with the following steps:
  • Glue the “ground” to the bottom of the paper.
  • glue the cardboard onto the blue paper to make the cabin. (This is a good opportunity to review shapes).
  • Glue the chimney on top of the roof
  • Glue the tree trunk next to the cabin so that it touches the ground.
  • Make leaves on the tree by wrapping tissue paper squares on the end of a pencil then dipping it in glue and sticking the tissue paper onto the blue paper, then moving the pencil.  Repeat with about 10-15 squares until the top of the tree looks good.
  • Stretch out cotton balls and glue it on to the blue paper to make clouds.

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