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Review Consonant Letter Sounds

SoundCards180x150       Review Letter Sounds

Objective:  Children will recognize the Consonant Capital and Lowercase (small) letters and their sounds.  (This lesson can be taught 4 times; once for each group of letter consonant sounds.   bhlft, prmnk, cdsgj, qvwyz)



  • Play the songs for each of the sounds to be reviewed.  
  • Give each child one or more Sound Cards (spellings for each sound) including the sounds to be reviewed.  Say a sound then have the children give you the sound card that goes with each sound. 
  • Use magnet letters or cards with capital and small letters to match the capitals with their small letter.  Talk about if they look more alike or if they look different.
  • Make words by writing or using magnet letters.  You pick a vowel and a consonant to be reviewed.  Let children pick another consonant and see if you can make a word or just make some fun sounds.  Or you can have a child pick a vowel and another child pick a consonant then you pick another consonant that makes a word.   Sound out the words together.  


  • Show the children the worksheet.  Have them help decide which capital letters go with which small letters.
  • Give a worksheet to each child.  Have them match the letters and write their name.
  • Say what each picture is and ask what letter sound it starts with.  Review how to make the letter on your sample worksheet, and then have each child write the letter on their worksheet.   Continue until finished.
  • All worksheets need to be done with a teacher and they need to be done right.  Never use a worksheet to test the children.  Use them as a learning experience.  They are a great hands-on continuation of the lesson.
  • It is fun to have them write a simple word on the back and draw a picture, such as sad.

Lesson Plan Ideas for the Dd Sound

Letter Dd Sound

Objective:  Help children recognize the Dd sound and learn to write the letter Dd.


  • We have great phonics pictures and songs for all 44 sounds to purchase on our website.
  • Have a drum to make the “Drumming Drum” sound. (A toy drum works fine.)
  • Collect some pictures with Dd sound at the beginning and other pictures.
  • Decide on a worksheet or use this word family worksheet. word family dad words
  • Copy the Nursery Rhyme, “Hey, Diddle, Diddle”.
  • Have the children’s name cards.
  • Have paint, paper, and paint shirts for finger painting.


Listen to some of the Phonics By Spelling songs including Dd.

Talk about the Dd sound.  Play a drum and have them make the Dd sound.  (Dd makes the sound of a drum.) Have them keep their chin closed and only their tongue moves in their mouth.  (Having the children hold their fist under their chin will help keep them from adding an “UH” to the consonants.)  You can have them hold their fist under their chin to help keep it closed.)

Read the Nursery Rhyme, “Hey Diddle, Diddle”:

  • Hey, diddle, diddle!
  •       The cat and the fiddle,
  • The cow jumped over the moon;
  •       The little dog laughed
  •       To see such a sport,
  • And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Which words in the Nursery Rhyme have the “Drumming Drum” sound?  Do you hear the sound at the end of any of the words?

Show pictures and decide if the pictures has the Dd sound in it.


  • Do a worksheet.  If you use the worksheet on the blog.  Have the child rewrite the word, then draw a picture of the word.
  • Review how to form the letters by finger painting.  Have each put on a paint shirt.  Have them write their name on the paper with a crayon.  Have them pick one hand to be in the paint and one hand to hold the paper.  (It is nice to have trays to put the paper on for painting, then it is easy to take the tray to the sink for clean up.)  Have them spread the paint on the paper.  Demonstrate how to make a letter with a finger in the paint.  Have them draw the letter.  When your finished let them make a picture in the paint.  It works good to put foam soap on their hands and have them rub them while they are waiting to wash their hand.  It is good to have an adult helping them wash their hands and taking off the paint shirts.  (It is fun to cut the painting into a shape such as cutting a pumpkin out of orange.)
  • A follow up lesson might be to talk about Dairy food and make a Milk Shake.
  • More phonics ideas from Phonics By Spelling.
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