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ten paper 2016-03-19 001Math Lesson Ideas for the Number 10 (ten)

Objective:  Help children recognize the number 10 and the word “ten”, numbers are used for counting, count 10 objects, patterning, learn to write “10” and “ten”.


  • A picture of ten objects or some example of ten such as the book, Ten Black Dots.
  • Have connecting blocks or some other items with two colors enough for each child to have 10, two of each color.
  • Have star stickers. (Enough so each child has 10, 5 of two different colors.)
  • Write the number “10” and the word “ten” on a word card.  Use number cards from other lessons.
  • Decide on a simple book, poem, song or nursery rhyme that has good examples of ten.  Possibly use, “One little, two little, three little fingers” to the tune of Little Indians.  (Included at the end.)
  • Have a half sheet of paper and pencil for each child.
  • Copy a Ten book for each child. book ten 10
  • Select a TEN book such as: Little Rabbits’ First Number Book by Alan Baker; One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root; Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews; Ten Tall Giraffes by Brian Moses.


  • Display the word card with “10 ten”.  Discuss the difference between the number “10” and the word “ten”.  Compare to the other number cards.
  • Sing “Little Fingers” or some other poem or song.  Discuss the examples of ten.  (fingers, toes, etc.)
  • Show the picture and have each child in turn pick out ten things in the picture or read and discuss the book Ten Black Dots.
  • Give each child 10 connect blocks (5 of each color).  Have them make an ABAB pattern with the blocks.  Show them an example.  Count the blocks.
  • Show how to make the number 10.  Have them make them in the air with their finger.  Have them close their eyes and write the number 10 in the air.


  • Give each child a paper and pencils.  Have them write their name.  Show the word card again for “10 ten”.  Have them write word “ten” and the number “10.”  Give them two colors of star stickers and have them select 10 for their paper. (5 of two different colors.) Have them put them on the paper in an ABAB pattern.
  • Read with the children the take-home Ten Count the on each page.  Have them draw ten of one object on the last page.  book ten 10  
  • Read a selected TEN book. (preparations)

Song: To the tune of Ten Little Indians.

  • One little, two little, three little fingers,
  • Four little, five little, six little fingers,
  • Seven little, eight little, nine little fingers,
  • Ten little fingers on my hands.
  • Ten little, nine little, eight little fingers,
  • Seven little, six little, five little fingers,
  • Four little, three little, two little fingers,
  • One little finger on my hand.

Cooking: Ten Treats  (Marshmallow Treats with 10 mini chocolate chips added by each child.)

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