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Lesson Plan Ideas for the “AW” sound.

Teaching the “AW” Soundball


  •    Be prepared to talk about what you say when you see a cute puppy or kitten.
  •    Collect some pictures with the AW sound in the word.
  •    Decide on a worksheet (A great worksheet is in our reproducible work book called The Other Sounds.  Check out our website :  Here is a sample worksheet from our workbook; worksheet aw with pictures
  •  Use the reproducible simple book from, The Other Sounds, workbook or make a simple 4 page book called, Draw.  Have the children draw the pictures.  Here are some sample sentences for the pages.  (I can draw a ball.  I can draw a paw.  I can draw a saw.  I can draw an awesome picture.)
  •   Have their name cards.
  •   Have some rhyming words listed such as: saw, caw, jaw, paw, raw, thaw, draw,  call, ball, fall, hall, mall, tall, small.


  • Listen to at least 10 songs in Phonics By Spelling books including AW.   Johnny saw a cute puppy in front of the store.   “AH! Cute Puppy”.  Compare this sound with the short Oo sound. (This sound is made with the mouth not as open as the short Oo sound.  In some dialects they are the same sound.)  Talk about seeing a cute puppy or kitten and make the AW sound.
  • Show pictures of things that have the AW sound.  Help children recognize the sound in the beginning, middle, and end.   (ball, wall, hall, saw, paw, draw, talk, walk, etc.)
  • Discuss how “w” and “l” make the “a” have the AW sound. 
  • Read together the lists of words with the AW sound.  
  • Take the children’s name cards and see if anyone has the AW sound in their name.


  1.  Do together a worksheet that helps a child recognize the sound.
  2. Make a Draw book.
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