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Word family -EN

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 Lesson for –EN Words  

 Objective:  Help children make the connection between letter, sounds and reading by using the word family –EN.  (This lesson can be adapted to use for other word families. rhyming words -ig rhyming words -op rhyming words -uck)   


  •  Copy –en worksheet for each child. rhyming words -en
  •  Use word family flannel letters or magnet letters.
  •  Phonics By Spelling music
  •  Suggested book: Jen the hen by Sue Graves


  •  Play Phonics songs starting with Evan’s Door (Short vowel E). Do most of the consonants to Z and skip the vowels. 
  •  Read Jen the Hen, or an other rhyming -EN book. 
  •  Read the Riddles for –EN to the children.
    •  More than one man is called ___. Men
    •  The number after nine is ___. Ten
    •  You can write with a ____. Pen
    •  This animal has baby chicks. Hen
    •  A home for a bear is a ___. Den
  •  Use Magnet letters or flannel board letters to make the word family words for –EN.  Let each children pick a consonant and see if it makes a word.

 Activity: -EN worksheet

  •  Cut the pictures from the bottom of the worksheet for EN words.  Give the children scissors and the pictures to cut on the broken lines. 
  • Then trade scissors with glue sticks and the worksheet with the words.  Help the children read the first word and talk about the picture.  Help the children read the next word and find the picture to match then glue on the picture. 
  • Invite the children to read the rest and find the picture to match.  Say you will help them sound out the words if they need it. 
  • Then give them colored pencils to write their names and color any pictures. 
  • This activity can be extended by having them write on the back a sentence or words such as: “Ben has ten hens in a pen.”, “Ten hens” or “then”.   
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