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Martin Luther King Jr. (Kindness)

Martin Luther King Jr.  (Kindness) 

Objective: Children will learn how to be kind through Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s example.

.I have a dream dreamcatcher


  • Find drawings or pictures of Martin Luther King
  • Gather the following materials:
    • paper plate
    • yarn
    • hole puncher
    • construction paper
    • markers
  • Prepare the dream catcher
    • Cut the center out of a paper plate. Leave about 2 inches around the edge.
    • Punch 6 or 8 holes in the paper plate evenly spaced. Write “Kindness” across the top.
    • Cut out a heart from the inner part of the plate and punch holes around the heart that correspond to the holes in the plate.
    • Cut a 5 to 6-foot piece of yarn and wrap a piece of tape around the end. Tie one end of the yarn through a hole in the paper plate.
    • Cut three pieces of yarn about 5 inches long.
    • Cut out three 1 inch hearts of different colors from construction paper. Punch holes in the top center of the heart.
  • Suggested Books
    • No Red Monsters Allowed by Liza Alexander and David Prevenna
    • Martin’s Big Words: A Guide to the “I Have a Dream” Speech by Doreen Rappaport


Read the No Red Monsters Allowed book and discuss:

Discussion questions:

  • How did the story make you feel?
  • How would you feel if you or someone you cared about were treated the way Elmo was treated?
  • Do you think people should be treated different because they are not exactly like you?

Years ago were treated differently because of the color of their skin.  Many people were afraid to do anything about it.  Many people were angry and wanted to fight to change the laws to make it so that everyone can be equal.  Martin Luther King Jr. taught people how to bring about change without violence but by using powerful words.  He told people, “Love is the key to the problems of the world”.  His speeches and his peaceful actions helped people realize that we must treat others the way we want to be treated, with kindness.  The unfair laws were thrown out. Martin Luther King was given the Nobel Peace Prize and we have a holiday honoring him in January.  We learn from him to be kind to everyone no matter how they look or act.  

You may want to define some of the following words:

  • Kindness means you are concerned about other people. Kind people think about another person’s feelings, they help someone who is in need, and they are kind even when others are not. Kind people never expect anything in return. They just treat other people kindly because they want to help make others life better. Kindness makes the world happier.
  • Tolerance means respecting and learning from others, valuing differences, bridging cultural gaps, rejecting unfair stereotypes, discovering common ground, and creating new bonds.
  • Diversity means that there are lots of different kinds of things and people. Just as there are lots of different makes of cars, bikes, washing machines,  or balls.


  • Wouldn’t it be terrible? Wouldn’t it be sad?
  • If just one single color was the color that we had?
  • If everything was purple? Or red? Or blue? Or green?
  • If yellow, pink, or orange was all that could be seen?
  • Can you just imagine how dull world would be
  • If just one single color was all we got to see?

Activity:  Kindness Dream Catcher

  • Give each child the paper plate hearts and yarn prepared for them before the lesson.
  • Have the children loop the yarn through the holes alternating the heart and the plate.
  • Once you’ve gone through all the holes tie off the yarn
  • Tie each piece of yarn to one of the holes at the bottom of the dream catcher. And the other end through the hole in each of the colored hearts.
  • Decorate the edge of plate and the heart with markers. Encourage the children to draw pictures that represent kindness, acceptance and diversity.


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