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Lesson Plan Ideas for the CH sound.

CH Sound

Objective:  Help children recognize  the CH sound and compared it to the Kk sound of Cc.


  • Be prepared to have children scuff feet.
  • Collect some pictures with the CH sound, and pictures with C making the K sound.
  • Copy the poem “Children” .
  • Great lesson plans, worksheets and simple books at our website.  (Phonics By Spelling has worksheets and simple books for the other sound besides the alphabet sounds.  It comes in a CD that can be reproduced as many times as needed for your students for $15. )
  • Have dark paper, colored chalk, and hair spray or liquid starch.  Tips for Chalk Pictures:  Use large shirts for paint shirts.  Use hair spray or liquid starch to set the chalk once the picture is finished.  It is easier with 4 or less children at a time.


Listen to songs in Phonics By Spelling books including CH and Cc.

Have the children scuff their feet across the carpet.  See if your shoes make that sound on your carpet.  Make the CH sound and compare with the Cc when it makes the Kk sound. 

Read the poem “Children”.

  • Children
  • Young, Busy,
  • Drinks, Snacks, Messes,
  • Running, Chatting, Chuckling
  • Loudly, Quickly, Freely, Emotionally
  • Truthful, Cheerful, Tearful
  • Games, Smiles, Hugs
  • Fun, Surprise,
  • Childhood


Discuss the CH words in the poem.   (You may need to define some of the words.)

Show pictures of things that have the CH sound, and Cc when it has the Kk sound.  Sort the pictures between the two sounds.  Talk about words that have the CH, but have the Kk sound or the SH sound.  Add some CH words to your wall card or word wall.  (child, chin, nature, catch)


You may want to make a simple book with the children drawing some simple CH words.  Here are some sample words for each page.  (Children like chalk.  Children like cherries.  Children like peaches. Children like chocolate chip cookies. Children like church.)

With a small group, have them draw a chalk picture of something with the CH sound.  Point out that the word “picture” has the CH sound for the letter “t”.  Spraying the picture with hair spray or painting on liquid starch will keep the chalk from smearing.   

Mini-lesson Plan for the ER Sound.

         Lesson for the ER Sound

Objective:  Recognize the ER sound in words.


  • Collect pictures with the ER sound in the word.  (girl, bird, her, dirt, fur, curl, stir, first, summer, letter, sister, dinner, purse, etc)
  • Also write some words with this sound.
  • Write some riddles with words having the ER sound.
  • Have white paper, white crayons and watercolors for making a Surprise Picture

Lesson Show pictures of things that have the ER sound, and some other pictures.  “Which pictures have the “ER” sound?  Read together some rhyming words. (fur, her, sir, burr, purr)   Discuss words where “or” and “ar” at the end of a word have the ER sound.  (dollar, doctor, mirror)

Do some riddles with an ER word as the answer. (Example:  What animal flies and chirps?  Bird)

Activity:  The child is to write their name , write a word or draw a simple picture on white paper with a white crayon.  Then paint over the whole paper with watercolor paint to make a Surprise Picture.

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